If you are already a Copernicus Gold user experiencing difficulties, visit our support portal on Atlassian. For any other enquiry, use the Contacts menu.


Developer Touchpoints

As an alternative to the real system, a testbed is open for demonstration purposes. You can use it to find out more and to become familiar with the system’s features and interface. The testbed is not connected to any banks or financial institutions and all the money present there is also test money.

Please note that the system has a limit of total account balances set to 100,000 Singapore Dollars.


Please use the information provided below:

Bank card details for testing purposes (add and withdraw): 4111 1111 1111 1111 , CVV: 737 , the expiration date 08/18, cardholder name Test

You may specify this phone number +79623237092 as a recipient of test payments.

The test platform is located at the following link: testweb.copernicusgold.com

For testing only. Do not use real credit cards.

To downloaded the Android test mobile application from Google Play as beta click the button below:

Test App

To test the iOS version, please, provide us your email address associated with your Apple ID by sending it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and install the TestFlight app from App Store. We will send you an invitation.


To use the USSD application you need to dial +44-2038-07-2407. This call is free of charge and the system will immediately send the USSD menu to you.

You can use USSD to perform a number of simple operations within the system.


To connect to Copernicus Gold Telegram Bot, find the bot named Test Copernicus Gold (@TestCopernicusGoldBot) in the chat list of Telegram Messenger. Use the following commands: /start, /help, /connect, /balance and /pay.

The /connect command returns a link for authorization. You will need to close the browser tab after the authorization is completed.

Use the /pay command to send funds.

You can also write messages to the Bot to connect to our support team.